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Live with us unforgettable experiences under the sign of food, culture, art and landmarks. Drive off the beaten path of major tourist draws and enjoy the thrill of discovering Rome’s most hidden gems. With our orientation, you will live a truly memorable experience which will shape your holiday into a precious and genuine work of art.

PRIVATE CHEF DINNER (3 hrs – min. 4 pax), from 240,00 EUR

Rome is famous for its rich and ancient culinary tradition. How about enjoying an unbeatable tasting experience in the comfort of your own suite or apartment? With their experienced hands, our personal chefs will prepare the finest and seductive dishes to provide you with the best of Rome’s gastronomic heritage.

PRIVATE COOKING COURSE (3 hrs – min. 4 pax), from 240,00 EUR

Would you like to learn how to make homemade pasta (tagliatelle, gnocchi alla romana, potato gnocchi, fettuccine, ravioli) and some typical Italian desserts (tiramisu, chocolate and ricotta cheese pie, apple strudel) accompanied by a selection of wines of the most interesting Italian wine-making districts? Our chefs will be delighted to share with you the joys of the finest food and the genuine art of conviviality.

VESPA TOUR WITH DRIVER (duration: 3 hrs – min. 2 pax), from 120,00 EUR

Relive the magic of Roman holiday, a 1953 romantic comedy, starring Audrey Hepburn as Princess Anna and Gregory Peck as US journalist Joe Bradley. Explore Rome by Vespa and retrace the iconic landmarks shown in the movie. Admire the magnificence of the Coliseum, stroll along Via della Conciliazione, overviewing St. Peter’s Basilica. Reach Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, where you can toss a coin, make a wish and treat yourself to a delicious ice-cream.

STREET FOOD IN TRASTEVERE: THE SECRET ROME GASTRONOMIC TOUR (3 hrs - min. 4 pax), 180,00 EUR (private guide service for 3 hours) + 30,00 EUR (per person, food & drink tasting included)

Traditional cookies, cheese and cold cuts platter, supplì, pizza, pasta and gelato.

Rome is known for having some of Italy’s best-loved street food eateries. From the evergreens, like supplì, fried rice balls oozing with fresh mozzarella cheese, to traditional cookies, cheese and cold cuts platter, artisanal ice-cream and pasta carbonara at Eggs, you will enjoy them all. This ultimate food and cultural experience will give you a taste of daily life in one of Rome’s most iconic neighborhoods, Trastevere.

On this 3-hour walk into Trastevere cobblestoned back streets, we will indulge in the city’s finest street food, served in ancient gems that locals still cherish. We will meet the colorful characters behind these classic eateries and hear their amazing stories. If you are looking for a mouth-watering taste of the Roman cuisine and culture, you can’t miss this mesmerizing experience.

FAMILY TOUR (3 hrs – min. 4 pax), from 250,00 EUR

Are you travelling with your infants or toddlers on tow? We’ve got you covered! Our family tours are designed with your little ones in mind. With stops at eateries or gelato shops to enjoy a typical snack, appetizer and drink, your kids will be introduced to the rich history and grandeur of Rome, one of the most ancient cities of all time.


Rome walking tour with gelato and pizza tasting

Duration: 3 hours

Rome Walking Tour with gelato and pizza tasting is a delicious walk in Rome’s historic center. With this tour you’ll discover the most popular locations featured in our Fountains and Squares tour, with stops for tastings of pizza and gelato, a favorite treat for most kids and grown-ups!

Amongst the sights of the Eternal City featured on this tour are Navona Square, the ancient Pantheon and the beautiful and recently restored Trevi Fountain, where you must make a wish! As we stroll through the historic center to these sights or Piazza Venezia or the Jewish Ghetto (substitutions available on request), we will see many other historic buildings and interesting places that the guide illustrates along the way.

This is the perfect first-time tour of Rome, especially for families who are traveling with young children, as it’s an opportunity to learn some history about the Romans, combined with stops for enjoying typical local food and drinks in one of the greatest cities of all time.

Your fun and friendly private guide will take you to some of the best places for the traditional Roman pizza by the slice and gelato. He/she will also make sure you don’t get lost in Rome’s many side streets and alleys as they show you the sights and tell you stories about the city’s rich history.


Explore the Colosseum from the Gladiators’ arena

Duration: 3 hours

Explore the Colosseum from the Gladiators’ arena is an exciting private tour that is a beloved favorite of children and adults from all over the world. Your family will walk through the ancient stadium, where the most performing gladiators of all time fought for their lives. In the amphitheater you will learn how ancient celebrities and people were entertained by the horrific battles between beasts and men.

After learning of the ancient games, a short stroll over to the Roman Forums will lead you through the ancient streets to show you the venues where the life of the early Romans unfolded. You will hear stories about Caesar, Augustus, the Roman Senate and other notable historical figures as you admire the remains of the temples, the basilicas and so much more.

Your personal guide will navigate you and your family through the ancient ruins, giving everyone the personal care and attention you deserve. Everybody will enjoy the educational experience, as history unspools during this journey in time, back to the Roman Empire age.

Our Colosseum tour for kids is typically the favorite activity booked among those who tour with us. Our fun and friendly guides draw from a variety of methods to engage continued interest and learning between children and adult members of your family while visiting Rome’s most iconic venues.


Vatican Tour: Climb of Saint Peter’s Dome

Duration: 3 hours

The Vatican Tour with Climb of St Peter’s Dome is a captivating private tour that illustrates the history of Rome and the Catholic Church. This fun, informative, and educational tour is a memorable experience for your family. As your guide narrates the story of Rome, you will walk through the museums experiencing the feeling of being part of a living storybook, as the world’s greatest masterpieces of art visually come to life.

On this Rome tour you will visit the Vatican Museums, Michelangelo’s legendary Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter’s Basilica. Some of the art highlights of this tour include paintings and sculptures from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans through the Renaissance masters, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio.

Our professional guides will orient you and your children through the Vatican Museums, giving your family the personal care and attention you deserve. You will experience relief knowing you aren’t one of the members of the larger group tours you will pass, where children often get bored and lose interest.

Instead, in this child-friendly tour your children will be constantly engaged and prompted to ask questions. Our friendly guides draw from a variety of methods to engage and involve all family members.

CULTURE TOUR: DISCOVER ANCIENT ROME (4 hrs – min. 4 pax), from 320,00 EUR

The Catacombs of the Ancient Appian Way: the dark side of Rome!

San Callixtus and San Sebastiano Catacombs, the Appian Way and the Roman Aqueducts with private car and driver.

With this tour you will discover two of the most interesting aspects of the Roman civilization: catacombs and aqueducts! The catacombs are ancient underground tunnels used as burial places. They can stretch for many kilometers and resemble “hidden” towns. You will get a peek of the world of early Christians and the beautiful frescoes that decorated their tombs. The second part of the tour will be dedicated to another Roman masterpiece: the aqueducts, built to transport water from the mountains to the city. You will have the opportunity to visit some of the best preserved ones and get an insight into the secrets of ancient engineering!

Tour price: 320,00 EUR (private guide service for 4 hours) + € 35,00 per person over 18 / € 20,00 under 18 (admission fee and skip the line tickets) + taxi (not included, on spot).

TOUR "GALLERIA BORGHESE" (2 hrs), 70,00 EUR per person

Do you want to visit Ancient Rome, the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and discover the Borghese Gallery? Book a 2-hour tour, which guarantees you priority entrance to the gallery and multilingual guide. Available every day (maximum groups of 10 people).

TOUR "VATICANO" (3 hrs) 70,00 EUR per person

Rome is the Eternal City, it is history, art, culture, wonder. Book our tour of the Vatican Museums and be enchanted by the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. The 2-hour tour guarantees priority entrance to the gallery and multilingual guide. Available every day except Sunday (maximum groups of 10 people).

TOUR "COLOSSEO E FORI IMPERIALI" (2.30 hrs) 60,00 EUR per person

An evocative organized tour will take you to discover the wonders of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. The 3-hour tour guarantees priority entry and a multilingual guide. Available every day (maximum groups of 10 people).

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